Foyle Foodbank holds Annual General Meeting

14th October 2022

Foyle Foodbank held it’s annual general meeting in Leafair Wellbeing Centre with guest speaker Laura Ferguson, Head of Trussell Trust Pathfinder Programme.

Foodbank presented their annual report for 2021 which showed that 15,606 people received support from the foodbank during that period.

Chairperson Denis McGowan reported “ We are pleased to have had a large attendance from a wide range of organisations at our Annual General Meeting, it shows the commitment to work together to support those most in need in our community.

We wanted to update people on the developments at Foyle Foodbank in partnership with The Trussell Trust and we were delighted that Laura Ferguson, from Trussell was able to attend and outline the vision and strategy to bring about the end to the need for foodbanks.”

Karen Mullan, Strategic Development Officer, outlined changes at Foyle Foodbank which include wrap around support and addressing the underlying crisis that has brought that person to the foodbank. She went onto say “We are very concerned of how people are going to manage and we will continue to work closely with all of those partner organisations to reach out to those struggling and in poverty.

We want people to know there is help available and that anyone can be swept into poverty and our services are confidential in a supported environment.”

 Anyone looking for more information or support please contact us on our email address [email protected], Tel no 71263699 or website

Foyle Foodbank Annual Report 2021

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